Simple BattleShip

How to play? The first challenge is to build a ship. For this task you will be in creative mode which means that you can build it using any type of blocks you want. Make sure to add some TNT cannons as it will be useful for the next challenge. Red Button: Delete current build project Green button: Enter the lobby Yellow button: Place ship on the side which you pick And some save features You are only allowed to use flammable blocks for building your ship (e.g. wood). Bedrock, iron and similar blocks are strictly forbidden! Once both teams are done building their ship then it’s time to enter the battle zone.This is a multiplayer minigame map where each team will be tasked to build a ship. The ships will later be used in a battle on the sea so it’s important that they are well armored and equipped with some TNT cannons. It’s a really fun and exciting map to play if you enjoy building and PvP!
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