Mined Prison: The Beginning (Chapter 1) [Adventure]

Rules Don’t break blocks (except for clay blocks!) No mods
Don’t turn clay into clay blocks to place them Try to find all the emeralds (a fun little extra mission!) Mined Prison is prison break adventure map. The story goes that you’ve been framed for a murder and put in prison for life. Now you want to escape and get your freedom back. The map offers choice based decisions which will affect the continued situations in the map (such as interactions with guards). The adventure goes on for a long while and follow a great story. As you progress in the map your desire for freedom will grow and the end of your adventure will unwantingly feel closer. Story You have been framed for murder and put in a high security prison called Mined Prison for life. Your chances of ever seeing your family outside the prison walls have been reduced to zero the moment you stepped inside the prison. But you have no intention to stay in there any longer than necessary so you are planning a prison break. Try to find an ex
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